The Inspiration

I’ve always been drawn to photography. It inspires me to travel and see new places. It ignites an interest in places, people, and things. The photos I take a primarily of natural landscapes, outdoor spaces that are filled with beauty, color, and drama.

From 2013 – 2016 I moved every 6 months, chasing the sun and seasonal jobs. Anytime I had a few days off link together, I’d pack the car and hit the road towards some nearby climbing or backpacking destination. Most of my photos come from this time I spent traveling throughout the American West freely. Most of my gear and outdoor clothes was second hand, and Annies soups became a staple of my diet. But despite the simple living that comes with an income well below the poverty level, I was rich in experiences.

I learned what it’s like to wake up to coyotes as an alarm, alone in the middle of the Nevada desert. I worshiped dawns first light from the inside of a cold sleeping bag. I shared the trail with grizzly bears, wolverines, moose, martens, and other wildlife that I previously only knew from books.

I hope my photos inspire you to travel to special wild places or connect with public lands near you. Learn their story: the indigenous people that have and continue to live on these lands, the wildlife the landscape supports, how the land forms created… These pictures tell so many stories, and we have a lot to learn.