My Run For Justice

Fueled by the energy of the Black Lives Matter protests, I decided to turn one of my favorite activities, running, into action. For the entire month of June, I am donating $1 per mile that I run to organizations that fight for racial justice and Black leaders providing free education and emotional labor.

Why run for justice?

I am mixed race. For me, this movement is personal. And for too long, I have been silent. Today, I recognize my silence as complicit in upholding racism, the greatest expression of my white privilege.

Run For Justice is just one way I (and you too!) can take action NOW. It’s how I can use a selfish outdoor pursuit to amplify Black voices and help raise awareness of racial justice issues.

Train for activism like you train for endurance

If you’ve never run a mile, you’re not going to run a marathon overnight. You need to commit to the goal, start small, make sacrifices, know when to take a rest day, and no matter how hard or painful it is, you can’t give up. It’s a humbling experience and trust me, you’ll make plenty of mistakes along the way.

The same goes activism. Train like you would for endurance: commit, learn, know when to rest, don’t give up.

To that end, commit to 30 days. Make your activism a habit. Each day, take a few moments to support Black led organizations that are already out there doing the work – taking on important intersectional issues like mass incarceration, mental health, voter rights, LGTBQ+ that disproportionally affect the Black community.

Start Small

Here’s the thing. Did you forget that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic? Unemployment rates are the highest they’ve been since the Great Depression. With that in mind, I wanted this fundraising effort to be accessible to all.

I was working three jobs when COVID-19 hit. The town of Truckee quickly shut down and with it, I lost my restaurant serving job. Individually, I couldn’t contribute much. But collectively, I knew the donations could have an impact.

That’s why I’m asking YOU to match my donations.

Donating is just one small effort to dismantle racism. But keeping racial justice top of mind through daily donations, research, and learning is a way to help shift the culture around race in America.

I hope this inspires you to do more and commit to anti-racist work. This is just the beginning. Let’s fight like hell.

Match My Donations

Day 1 – Donate $9.54 to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Day 2 – Donate $5.88 to Color of Change

Day 3 – Donate $8.64 to UnCommon Law

Day 4 – Donate $4.60 to The Loveland Foundation

Day 5 – Donate $6.08 to The Louisville Community Bail Fund

Day 6 – Donate $4.68 to Melanin Basecamp

Day 7 – Donate $14.17 to the Equal Justice Initiative

Day 8 – Donate $5 to the Community Justice Action Fund

Day 9 – Donate $3.25 to Groundswell Fund

Day 10 – Donate $7.03 to the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Day 11 – Donate $4.23 to Fair Fight