Get Crafty During the Holidays

The holiday season shouldn’t just be about shopping and gifts. One thing I love about this time of the year is that it’s full of traditions. Setting up a tree, having big dinners with family and friends, the smell of apples and cinnamon in the oven…

When I was a kid, my mom and I would make a gingerbread house every year at the beginning of December. It would take two days to make the dough, bake it, then assemble the house and decorate it with all kinds of sweet treats. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

If you are visiting Truckee over the holidays, consider taking a workshop at Atelier, a great little art store, and community space located in the heart of downtown Truckee. They offer craft workshops throughout the year, including several holiday-themed events that might just inspire you to start a new holiday tradition.

Photo courtesy of Atelier

Spending two days making a gingerbread house is a big ordeal, but how about baking holiday cookies instead? It’s fun, festive, and something the whole family can take part in. Atelier and Trokay have teamed up to bring you a cookie decorating workshop on Sunday, December 22nd. At this workshop, which will take place at Trokay, you’ll learn how to mix, roll out, shape, bake, and frost your own batch of cookies. What a great way to celebrate the season with a sweet, homemade treat, and your friends and family will love getting them as gifts. The best part is that all materials are included in this workshop, plus a tasty holiday themed beverage!

Photo courtesy of Atelier

Another holiday workshop that you don’t want to miss is seasonal wreath making at Atelier on Monday, December 23rd. Join them to make a festive, beautiful wreath with foraged and organically grown plants and learn about plant folklore and how to create a sacred space during the holidays. You can take what you learn at this workshop and make striking wreaths to welcome the seasons year-round. This is a great opportunity to cut down on the waste involved with store-bought decorations and craft something instead!  

Photo courtesy of Atelier

If you’re scrambling for last minute gift ideas, take a look at their workshop schedule and make a creative, one of a kind gift. I’ve got my eye on the metal stamping drop-in workshop on December 18th. There, you can make ornaments, pendants, and more with a custom message and illustration. You can also purchase metal stamping supplies so that you can take what you learned home and continue to make unique metal pieces!

Start making new memories this winter at one of Atelier’s workshops. You can find the full list of their events here.

Happy Holidays!